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How much dangers disposbale plastic cutlery sets which is bad quality cause?
Dec 15, 2017

If  we often use poor quality disposable plastic cutlery set, it will cause  great disruption to our health, even if we make these plastic cutlery set at a  temperature of 65 degrees Celsius ,also will let the harmful substances into the food , so that our body's kidneys and the liver  and even the center of brain  of the nervous system are going through varying degrees of  damage.

Forty years ago, our scientists discovered the grave dangers that such meal boxes have brought to us.

And  the poor quality disposable plastic cutlery set will also cause  environmental degradation to the soil we live in. This will also  seriously affect the development and growth of many crops. If such products are consumed by domesticated livestock at home, it  may cause gastrointestinal diseases and in severe cases may result in  death.

Landfill now is also home to our country for garbage disposal methods. But  this will affect the depth of the water quality, if prolonged drinking  and use of such contaminated water, damage to our body can be said to be  invaluable.

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