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How to buy disposable plastic lunch boxes
Dec 08, 2017

   How to buy disposable plastic lunch boxes? Now  one of the most widely circulated meal boxes on the market is the  one-time plastic lunch box, which is favored by many restaurants and  consumers. However, the disposable plastic lunch boxes used in each store are different, including the quality, thickness and appearance. If you want to make businesses and consumers are satisfied, how to buy disposable plastic lunch boxes it?
First, a clear understanding of the purpose of buying lunch boxes. Before buying it, you have to know what you are buying because you can  buy different meal boxes for different uses. This saves a lot of money.
Second, look for raw materials and health products. Clearly  the use of their purchase, we must pay attention to the safety of the  product line, then the safety is mainly the production of raw materials,  especially plastic raw materials, different materials some of his  characteristics are different, such as heat resistance, some raw  materials Melted to meet the high temperature to release toxic substances, then the time of purchase must pay attention.
Third, there is the practicality of meal boxes. Because  the lunch box is mainly used for storing things, like some insurance  lunch boxes, if placed in the refrigerator or the storage cabinet, it is  easy to be limited due to the limited space, so the time of purchase  must be taken into consideration, so as to avoid the size of the lunch  box Future life unnecessary trouble.
Fourth, lunch box sealing. In  particular, the insurance type meal box, the sealing is very important,  superior performance of the sealing can ensure that meals can be better  preserved, but also to avoid being affected by external air and  moisture.

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