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Is cheaper disposable tableware better?
Dec 01, 2017

Disposable  plastic tableware is with the accelerated pace of life, in order to  meet the people quickly packaged take away food, time-saving production  of specialized packaging, food packaging, high transparency, compact  packaging materials.

It  is not the same with the popular foam tableware, it is more high  temperature and low temperature performance, and has retained the  function of some calories, keep the food hot air and fragrance, and does  not produce odor, is a high penetration, and gradually Become common people commonly used food packaging materials. High penetration means that the end of the product price, but good quality, then the tableware is not so cheap and cheap?

Disposable plastic tableware prices, no doubt is reasonable and cheap. First  of all, the materials used in its production are common materials for  the public. The manufacturing process is less demanding, the process is  less and the automatic production is performed.

Therefore, the  production cost is low and the price range in the market is not  fluctuated. Second,  the majority of manufacturers are selling a large number of tableware  supplies to take the puerile method of price positioning low to meet  market demand. Finally,  it is determined by the law of the market price. There are many  disposable tableware similar to it. The price is low and the price is  high, so its price can not be too high or it will lose its  competitiveness.

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