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Is it usual in US restaurants for servers to leave your used cutlery on the table between courses?
Feb 01, 2018

It depends on the mode of service, which in turn depends on how fancy the restaurant is trying to be.

At home you would not change cutlery or bring out a plethora of dishes each time you switch from one food item to another. You have a fork, maybe some chopsticks or a knife, in rare cases a grapefruit spoon, crab claw, corn cob holds, whatever?

Why would you expect more from a restaurant? Because you are paying them good money to create a special experience for you, that's why. Starting a new meal course with old dishes and utensils could muddy the flavors, but more importantly it cheapens the whole experience. With each new dish It's like facing a beautiful, limitless new day in last night's underpants. Personally, being a drought-conscious Californian,I think, better to face a new day with an old fork than waste four ounces of water and twenty-two seconds of staff time replacing the fork. But that's my dining experience, most people would rather attack their twenty five dollar chicken with a new fork.

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