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Paper Cups Market
Dec 23, 2017

NEW YORKMarch 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Paper cups are disposable cups made out of paper and are extensively used all over the world to serve food and beverages like tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. They are coated or lined with plastic or wax to prevent the cup from any leakage or becoming soggy. Commercially, paper cups are coated with polyethylene to increase its durability and performance by making it liquid resistant. The coating also allows the seams to weld together. There are generally two types of paper cups: hot and cold. Cold cups have a waxy coating on both the sides to prevent the paper from becoming wet due to absorption of liquid. On the other hand, hot cups are designed specifically to withstand the heat and are coated only on one side. There are several factors that are driving the demand for paper cups across the globe. Growing awareness about transfer of diseases and germs while sharing the same containers or mugs has motivated people to opt for paper cups. Moreover, they are convenient to use and are environment friendly due to their higher biodegradability compared to plastic or foam cups. The growing foodservice industry is another major factor that is thrusting the growth of this market globally.

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