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Plastic and Paper Plate Market, market research
Feb 05, 2018

Modern food retail outlets are facing the challenge of serving customer at a faster service rate along with keeping the service cost at low levels. The need of serving food to large number of customers while maintaining hygiene levels has led to the use of disposable plastic and paper plates. It is widely used in food serving industry by restaurants, food joints, fast food retailers, etc. Plastic plate manufacturers are growingly supplying eco-friendly or paper made plates in order to address the issue of disposability of plastics. Paper prepared plates are manufactured from a paper pulp or recycled material which is very cheap and easily available. These paper and plastic plates are for use and throw purpose, thus they are cheap and helpful in maintaining the hygiene while serving food. The emergence of food trucks and small scale food joints have led to the growing challenge of serving food with space constraints and high level inventory management systems. Restricted space for stocking cutlery or utensils have led to upsurge in demand for plastic and paper plate market.

Plastic and Paper Plate Market: Market Dynamics

Plastic and paper plates are manufactured by food packaging manufacturers, and it is an important part of the food packaging market. Food packaging market is estimated to be around US$ 150 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4% over the forecast period. Plastic and paper both are cheap forms of raw materials, and are available in abundance. The increased use of paper plate has eliminated the concerns of the regulatory authorities in various regions for the increased waste of plastic which is expected to boost the plastic and paper plate market. The changing lifestyle of the people especially in the APEJ region due to the increased influence of the western culture is expected to increase the consumption of on the go food services while influencing the plastic and paper plate market over the forecast period. However, trays are an another form of packaging which is being widely used for serving fast food to consumers which can limit the plastic and paper plate market over the forecast period.

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