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What is the chemical composition of disposable plastic tableware?
Dec 22, 2017

The  type of plastic products is very large, whether it is scrubbing  supplies, or bowl, we have to compare its chemical composition. For  disposable plastic tableware, it is a very common product in the  industrial field. Its processing technology is very simple and it is not  very complicated for the processing of raw materials. When we are aware  of it, we can find out that, Its main chemical composition, including polyvinyl chloride or  polypropylene, etc., these chemical components is a certain toxicity,  and the stability of the poor, but also poor high temperature  performance.

Disposable  plastic tableware chemical composition is not very stable, for this  reason must be avoided when used to place the temperature of food, but  also to reduce the number of disposable tableware. However, for different tableware, its processing of raw materials is not the same. According  to the classification of chemical composition of tableware, plastic  tableware is the main component of polypropylene, but for polyethylene,  it can not be used for tableware, because of its high temperature  resistance is very poor, but also A certain degree of brittleness, prone to deformation.

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