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What we should notice when using disposable lunch box
Jan 26, 2018

In this  fast-moving era, there is a lot of one-off items. Most people choose to  use disposable plastic lunch boxes when they eat outside. So what should  we pay attention to when we use them?

First,  the frequency of disposable plastic lunch boxes should be reduced. If  possible, it is best to carry the lunch boxes by themselves to ensure  hygiene. Second, before using, be sure to observe and determine the  composition of lunch boxes in advance. Microwave  oven heating; third, refuse to use foamed plastic lunch boxes; fourth,  prior to use to distinguish between good and bad, to avoid the use of  poor quality lunch boxes, and not to hold high-temperature foods; Fifth, Choose  a smooth, strong, relatively good quality; Sixth, if you really can not  be avoided, be sure to eat more fruits and reserves, expel the body's  toxic components, such as apple, corn, millet, bread and soy food.

In  short, try to avoid the use of disposable plastic lunch boxes, if it  can not be avoided, but also pay attention to their own use.

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