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Standard For The Purchase Of Plastic Cutlery
Jun 12, 2017

Standard for the purchase of Plastic Cutlery
Since the ban on plastic utensils again, the production and use of such tableware have been greatly expanded. The catering industry, there are some use of the demand for the purchase of household utensils also increased a lot. Although this situation from the perspective of the development of the market is a good thing, but the degree of management is not enough enough to be difficult enough to be promoted a lot. We must improve the purchase criteria, carefully selected to choose the right and safe tableware.

Plastic tableware purchase criteria include a few parts, first, disposable tableware also grade differences, we can according to the banquet specifications and dishes to choose the right tableware. Second, the choice of tableware color patterns to follow the habits and user's aesthetic habits, but in general the best choice for plastic tableware color is too complex and diverse types, especially the use of unhealthy paint spray type. Third, pay attention to view the material material, to ensure that tableware plastic is a healthy plastic, is able to withstand the high temperature of food materials, do not choose the existence of irregular chemical substances harmful plastic tableware.
Presumably we are very familiar with the plastic tableware, and we usually in some restaurants often see this kind of tableware. Its biggest feature is a one-time, this one-time characteristics show its advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic tableware is more hygienic, generally in some restaurants into and out of the guests or more. In some health management is not strict restaurant, even after the sterilized chopsticks are not very clean. And one-time products have solved this problem. And then this is the use of these products is very convenient, with it after we no longer need to cut the tableware, and it is not cleaning, for people to save a lot of time.

But the plastic tableware is also a great drawback, and its biggest drawback is that this kind of tableware wasted a lot of wood, do not meet the energy conservation of national policy. But also on the surrounding environment caused pollution, affecting the health. This product has both advantages and disadvantages, in order to be better used by people, but also to improve the shortcomings, to maintain the advantages.
We know in the market above, when there is a one-time comparison of the products by the public welcome, and in such circumstances, the plastic tableware is one of the most eye-catching of a product. Now, we come to a brief introduction to what is the main component of this product, so that we can be more assured to use.

First of all we can understand is that plastic products this product is the main product of polypropylene-based ingredients, and in which the other components are mainly based on the increase in the generation. When we use this product, it is because of the one-time performance of the product, determines the product's high temperature and convenient performance, can make our life more convenient.

On the other hand, some of the plastic tableware is made of polyethylene as the main raw material, and this made the product can not be used for lunch boxes, because of its high temperature performance is very poor, easy to use in the course of a certain Deformation, thus affecting our use.

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