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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Cutlery
Jun 20, 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Cutlery
With the social and economic development of people from time to time to improve, according to AQSIQ quality staff. People demand is also changing, the previous is to pursue the "quantity" and now pursue the "quality" Therefore, people on the health requirements of the higher, especially the diet, so the market a large number of one-time products came into being. Indeed, these Plastic Cutlery is very convenient, but also recognized by people, so it is favored, many places can now see whether at home or restaurants, disposable cups are more and more people think that this is both health and Convenience. But the State Administration of Quality Supervision recently published paper cup product quality spot checks show that paper cup product sampling pass rate is 86.9% despite the higher pass rate, but a small amount of paper cup contains a large number of harmful substances - fluorescent agent, can make cells mutate, become potential cancer factor. Therefore, the selection of paper cups to be extra careful, in fact, if careful, it is not difficult to find that there are three types of substandard paper cups.

Disposable paper cups problems First, health and safety unqualified, a small number of cups production enterprises in order to make the cup becomes more white, to join a large number of fluorescent brighteners, and in accordance with national norms, paper cups on the largest fluorescent area can not exceed 5 square centimeters. Second, the cup body is not qualified, handy is very soft, poured into the water or drink, the end will be a serious deformation, and even not up, affecting the use. The main reason for its failure is poor raw materials, the use of the base paper is low and thin Third, there is leakage or water seepage phenomenon, into the water, the water from the cup's joints or cup bottom leakage or oozing, such products can not be used. The reason for its failure is due to the fact that the paper cups are not fully bonded during the joint, resulting in leaking or seepage.

Choose a one-time cup should pay attention to several places

First, look at the packaging, in accordance with the national quality supervision departments of the norms and health knowledge. Product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, address, product implementation specifications, production date, valid and so on. In addition, the packaging bag should be fully closed, should not be damaged, or in the shipment, the sales process vulnerable to environmental pollution, health is not guaranteed.

Paper cup shape should be crisp, the second is to check the appearance. Should not be deformed. Cup cups with poor hand cups are very soft, poured into the water or drink, the end will be seriously deformed, and even not up, affecting the use. Select the cup, you can hand on both sides of the cup gently squeeze, can generally know the cup body stiffness is good or bad.

Consumers can not judge from the appearance, the heavy metal content, fluorescent whitening agent and some of the pathogens need to be in the laboratory to check into. But if the situation is too serious, can also be a preliminary distinction: If the cup color is too white, it seems not normal, it is best not to buy. In addition, the formal channels to buy regular manufacturers of products, so that health conditions can generally be guaranteed.

Recycled plastic cups should be careful

Also as a one-time cups of the bowl to sell, be careful is some of the more colorful plastic products. This product may belong to the recycled plastic products, heat will occur in the event of harmful substances. This plastic also has several identification methods: the plastic cup into the water, if the sink, that is, recycled plastic to do; recycled plastic to do an unpleasant smell, and very brittle, toughness is poor. Therefore, when faced with bright color disposable plastic cup, to be careful.

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