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Four Trends
Aug 23, 2016

Internationally popular cutlery design trends "minimalism", in particular, have the following characteristics, which more and more attention to the quality and taste of your life, there may be some help.


According to the survey, accelerated pace of modern city life. Therefore, people's requirement on tableware has raised, that is, modern tableware and practical function more and more attention. From this, we can see that now the most popular type of cutlery in the functional design is about "practical". Such tableware has highlighted its own functionality, and to "use, decoration as a supplement" principle of design, simple dishes popular with busy consumers, especially white-collar workers.

And easily understood

Integrate products, operating modes and materials used, three to make Dinnerware and users a soul exchange between, two utensils are stainless steel and plastic materials, has a comfortable feel when you are using, and the vivid colors of the handle also catering to consumer psychology of fashion.

Family sex

This type of tableware, colors have a strong design feature, can adapt to different shades of home environment, young couples can buy a brightly colored dishes, it can add a warmth and romance to your life.


People's pursuit of life more diversity and individuality. Therefore, the tableware does not exist to satisfy all needs, different customers need different styles of products, tableware design, unique style, has quite a different taste, color contrast, very modern, very suitable for the pursuit of individual young people.

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