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It Is Not Too Casual To Keep Food With Plastic Food Containers
May 24, 2017

 Plastic Food Container It is important to keep food with plastic food containers, and it is important to keep food with plastic food containers. Recently, Germany to promote the kitchen days of civilization OKO-TEST selection is completed. It is reported that the selection of a large content that is closed to the closed container, durability, convenience and other 12 aspects of the comparison test.

  Plastic Food Container Reporters learned that this selection from Germany, Italy, Sweden, South Korea and other countries produced 15 kinds of closed containers for the purpose of inspection, on its airtight, durability, convenience of plastic food containers and other 12 links in the detection and analysis The In the meantime, the famous Korean brand Lo button buckle with its four sides of the lock and hollow seal of the strict sealing effect, and the use of PP raw materials, can accept -20 ℃ -120 ℃ temperature changes and other characteristics, water treatment dosing containers to obtain this The best grade in the selection.

  Plastic Food Container On the plastic containers of these characteristics must be bound, the World Food Packaging Association executive vice president Dong Jinshi also expressed recognition. Dong Jinshi to consumers advocate the use of microwave ovens when used PP plastic containers, because "only in the microwave heating of plastic containers, the information code is 'PP', number is '5', woven textile and dyeing cloth on the container should have The corresponding logo for the public distinction, we drink the cup with the best use of this information.

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