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Plastic Food Container Has Obvious Advantages
Aug 16, 2017

Plastic Food Container has obvious advantages
Nowadays, with the intensive production concept gradually penetrate into the food field, food transport, circulation need to use a large number of packaging containers, and like fresh, cooked food, take-away and other fields, but also because of the packaging containers have a high health requirements , And taking into account the cost and other issues, so often use disposable plastic as a packaging material.
Disposable plastic packaging containers in the field of food has a wide range of applications, its light, health, low cost, so favored by businesses and consumers. At present, disposable plastic food packaging materials include plastic wrap, plastic bags, disposable tableware, take-away Plastic Food Container, etc., in view of the depth of the application of disposable plastic packaging containers in the field of food, in addition to plastic bags may be limited under the constraints of plastic Replaced by environmentally friendly bags, other product types such as take-away Plastic Food Container, plastic wrap, disposable tableware, etc. in the absence of new technologies, new products appear, will continue to continue.
Compared with the packaging products such as paper products, metal products, glass products, disposable plastic products have their special advantages: easy storage, easy processing, good sanitation conditions, therefore, as a food consumption of large countries, disposable plastic packaging containers consumption The amount is also very large.
According to the prospective industry research institute "China Plastic Food Container industry report" statistics, China's packaging industry's output value has been close to one trillion, assuming that Plastic Food Container in which accounted for 10%, which is a nearly 100 billion level of market size The
That is the case, the current China Plastic Food Container manufacturers surge, and in the food industry, the rapid development of the case, the production capacity of the outbreak of the trend.
But look at the industry application areas, and now many problems may be able to release some forward-looking signal.
First of all, China's vegetable and fruit consumption in the forefront of the world, but its decay rate is also not lost in other countries. And developed countries less than 5% of the fruit and vegetable rot rate compared to China is as high as 30%. So in this area, with fresh, moisturizing, sterilization function of the product will have a larger market.
In addition, with the improvement of people's consumption level, high barrier, anti-UV, resistant to cooking, oxygen, breathable, dark and other product demand will rapidly expand. However, in these areas dedicated production and supply of raw materials, as well as various types of production aids in the research and development, China is still relatively backward.
Therefore, the future of enterprises want to survive in many competitors, in these areas focus on development, there will be a higher winning percentage.
At the same time, green environmental protection, security and other market demand, but also for the Plastic Food Container industry has brought a new direction of development, whether additives or raw materials, thermal stability, security, there is a need for a greater breakthrough.
Lunch box, also known as crisper, lunch boxes, lunch boxes and so on. There are three kinds of crisper: one is Plastic Food Container: made of resin material, the general temperature range: the highest temperature of 120 ℃, the lowest temperature -20 ℃, one is tempered glass crisper: ordinary glass, the last one Is a heat-resistant glass crisper, the use of high-borosilicate glass.
As consumers pay more attention to health, people are concerned about whether the materials used in the box itself are healthy. Health, safety materials, harmless to the human body, such as PC materials, PE materials and PP materials, etc., now more common box material for the PP material. Plastic Food Container can not be placed in the microwave and oven, because the plastic at high temperatures will produce harmful substances. In addition, tempered glass crisper may blew in the face of extreme cold and extremely hot. At present the most fashionable and green crisper is a heat-resistant glass crisper.
Different shapes to store different things, the use of more convenient. In addition to the common square, rectangular, round, there are specially designed for picnic suits, so that life becomes more simple and convenient.
Square plastic Food Container: sealed performance, suitable for storing food, to prevent the refrigerator smell, suitable for storing all kinds of condiments, leftovers, the rest of the cans, fruits, vegetables. Easy to put in the freezer, freezer, microwave oven can also be used for other purposes.
Rectangular Plastic Food Container: suitable for storing bacon, meat food. Because there is water board, so easy to store the water of food. Large-capacity rectangular crisper is suitable for preserving fruit, vegetables and seafood.

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