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Separate Dinner On 3 Basic Principles
Aug 23, 2016

Daughter in United Kingdom in peace was born, when she was 2 months old, we went back to China. In accordance with husband Ryan's experience, I am training her daughter's independence, particularly in terms of diet. Easier for her to independent eating, I bought her a high chair with a seat belt, from her beginning 6 months, every snack time, I put her in a high chair, give her something to eat snacks in his hands. She has not been eating, sometimes she would crush food by hand to play, or even everywhere is, this time, I wouldn't talk to her anxious. Because it's all in her little heart is seen for the first time, first contact, and that this is what a fresh feeling! So why should they mind her playing it? During the course of play, she is, in fact, learn to distinguish different colours, different shapes and different tastes. She is judging what is like, what is not liked. I will not force her to eat foods you don't like, even if that food is nutritious. Nutrition can be added from other food, lose interest in food but why can't make up. When she is almost 1 year old, has been able to eat the bread, pizza and other solid foods. Meanwhile, she can put things into his mouth with a spoon awkwardly. At this time, I found that cooking sticky porridge is a better choice. I gave her a little plastic spoon, a small plastic bowl, each time they dial in a little bit of soup into a bowl, she will soon be finished, the joy of success would encourage her to ask for more gruel, so three or four back and forth, relaxed had eaten in one meal. Of course, eat delicious food to attract her interest.

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