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Aug 23, 2016

Tableware for distributing or feeding utensils and appliances. Cutlery includes a set of metal utensils, ceramic tableware, tea wares, glassware, plates and trays as well as variety, use different containers and handheld appliances. Currently on the market has also seen a number of disposable tableware, this Dinnerware is bad for environment.

Copper tableware: many people use copper utensils, plates, copper t, copper pot, and so on. On the surface of the copper tableware, you can often see some blue-green powder, they call it patina. It is copper oxide is not toxic. But in order to keep things clean, in front of the food, it's the copper tableware surface with sandpaper polishing.

Melamine Dinnerware

Melamine tableware is also called jingmei melamine products, made from melamine resin powder heating and pressing. With its light, elegant, resistant to low temperatures, unbreakable and other properties, is widely used in cooking and children's food, and so on.

Melamine tableware belonging to the polymer, the English abbreviation for the MF, the monomer for formaldehyde and melamine. 37% formaldehyde aqueous solution used by the response, monomer molar ratio of formaldehyde and melamine in two 2~3. Studies show that with the increasing amount of formaldehyde, formaldehyde is also greater, response is easy; change the formaldehyde content, can be produced by different methylol melamine melamine resin, reaction systems at pH=8.5, with less adverse reactions, reaction control; high temperature, reaction rate, in the 54~80℃ range has little influence on the combined amount of formaldehyde.

Changzhou melamine tableware are mainly exported to Thailand, and Viet Nam, and Malaysia, the Philippines, Korea and Latin American countries. Because of melamine tableware are unbreakable, high heat distortion temperature, good impact strength and the bending strength of character than ceramic, wood, metal and other products, environmentally-friendly and sustainable development requires unique advantage on, so more and more loved by the family at home and abroad.

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