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The Disadvantage Of Using Plastic Cutlery
Jul 13, 2017

The disadvantage of using Plastic Cutlery

When it comes to Plastic Cutlery, I'm sure everyone is familiar with it, because it's everywhere in our daily lives, especially when it comes to takeout. Although it has brought us great convenience, it is harmful, not only to our own health, but also to pollute the environment.

Plastic Cutlery is made of plastic products, we all know its plasticity is very good, so this kind of tableware is very convenient also not hard, production and cost is low, after using can directly without washing away, because it is a one-off. Nowadays, people, especially those working in the office, have a fast and fast schedule, which is a convenient and convenient thing to enjoy.

The dangers of Plastic Cutlery is very big, use for a long time would have been unthinkable to human body health, the production of raw materials under high temperature might break down, or will send some harmful substances, these substances along with food enters the human body affect our physical and mental health. After use, the white pollution is discarded everywhere, because it is not easily degraded, and the pollution of the environment is serious.

In this day and age, we have become familiar with Plastic Cutlery, which plays an important role in our daily life. It's typically used for food packaging, and there are so many apps in fast food restaurants that consumers go to fast food restaurants to eat, pack, or order takeout. In school, especially in college campuses, many students are not dining in restaurants. If you take them away, the food will be packaged and used in a convenient way.

However, there are always two sides to everything. Plastic Cutlery is brought great convenience to our life, but the hidden harm is also big, the main production material is polystyrene, if certain heat will release harmful material such as styrene, they can follow the food into our body, harmful to the body produces certain organs, if often use this kind of boxes, that our body can increase the prevalence of various disease, seriously endanger our health. Office workers and students are the main people who use Plastic Cutlery. They should pay special attention to reduce the use and take responsibility for their own health.

Modern urban life rhythm faster and faster, people spent on eating time is greatly reduced, and most of the staff can choose fast food to solve the problem of food and clothing, Plastic Cutlery are no business opportunities and you don't sell Plastic Cutlery?

On both sides of the road, KFC, McDonald's, Chinese fast food and roadside vendors are using plastic to make it easier for customers to eat. Although plastic is harmful to the environment, there are many soluble plastic products that can be degraded by nature. You can go to the store to promote, sell, Plastic Cutlery and recommend your Plastic Cutlery. Good eloquence and good faith will make you a good source of income.

Go to the market wholesale or buy the item that you want, negotiate a good price to go to the store or negotiate with the vendor, you have stable source of goods and sale way. For example, the green plastic scoop is 0.08 yuan /, Plastic Cutlery and the plastic bowl is 0.36 yuan/one, and the method of thin profit and profit is a good opportunity to start a business.

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