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What Are The Hazards Of Plastic Food Container?
Aug 07, 2017

What are the hazards of Plastic Food Container?
The invention of plastic is known as the worst invention because it brings us pollution and makes our environment difficult to recover for a long time, causing great damage to people's health. Plastic Food Container are one of its derivatives.
The ingredients of Plastic Food Container are polystyrene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other polymer compounds, these ingredients are toxic, although the toxicity is not high, but its high melting point, after burning will give a stimulating odor, will give People's health to bring great harm. At the very beginning, due to its strong plasticity and easy production and other characteristics, making it a cheap tool. People are not aware of their side effects.
However, as people's demands for quality of life are getting higher and higher, the importance of health is increasing, and it is found that Plastic Food Container bring our lives to the convenience of our body and life The environment also brings this great harm. These tableware harmful substances in the high temperature volatilization, the human body after the intake caused by trace pollution, long-term use of the possibility of cancer. While its disposal of the environment also caused a long-term pollution, the harm is quite large.
In this fast-consuming era, a lot of one-off things, in the case of dining outside, most people will choose to use Plastic Food Container, then we use, should pay attention to what matters?
Second, before use, be sure to observe in advance to determine the composition of lunch boxes of materials, and suggested not to be placed in the microwave heating; the third of the use of the frequency of the use of lunch boxes, , Refused to use the foam of the plastic lunch box; Fourth, before the use of the distinction between the pros and cons, to avoid the use of poor quality lunch boxes, and not to contain high temperature food; Fifth, select the lunch box should choose smooth, The quality is relatively better; sixth, if you really can not avoid the use, must eat more fruit and reserves, drained the body of toxic ingredients, such as apples, corn, millet, bread and soy foods.
In short, try to avoid the use of Plastic Food Container, if it can not be avoided, but also pay attention to their own use.
Now we slowly formed a kind of living habits, eating outside the food with a Plastic Food Container packed away, called the takeaway is also used to pack it. No time to eat in the restaurant is also used to take it. It seems to be a very important role in people's fast-paced life. Will it harm the human body?
    Through professional tests can be learned that when the Plastic Food Container hit ethyl acetate, it will melt, it is likely to contaminate the food was swallowed into the human body. And the production of Plastic Food Container can not eat food. If the long term is so, will have a great harm to the human body, and even endanger human health, life safety.
    How to use Plastic Food Container to avoid this harm? First try to reduce the use of Plastic Food Container, which can also protect the environment. Followed by selective packaging of food, some acidic foods to avoid the use of Plastic Food Container packaged. Finally, do not pack the food when the food temperature is high, such a high temperature may cause it to heat deformation.
The first to see the plastic lunch box is the kind of white foam lunch box, easy to break and not high temperature, and now the market of Plastic Food Container have been environmentally friendly lunch box transformation. The original foam lunch box is not only high temperature performance is poor, and the production process caused significant damage to the environment was eliminated, replaced by paper boxes, wooden lunch boxes and lunch boxes and so on. Plastic is widely used as a mainstream material for disposable lunch boxes, and because of its virulence to the human body is not enough to pose a threat, the melting point is relatively high, has a stronger plasticity, production is simple and has a relatively lower cost.
Office workers and students are the use of Plastic Food Container of the main crowd, they have a certain knowledge and ability to identify, but also know the harm, but easy to seek cheap and convenient, will have been used. Some stores use the plastic lunch box failed, which contains the chemical release of heat with the food into the human body, the human central nervous system and liver have a certain harm, and even cancer, especially long-term use should be more cautious.

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