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When Does Plastic Cutlery Play A Leading Role
Aug 16, 2017

When does Plastic Cutlery play a leading role
Experts suggest that, in order to promote the development of China's Plastic Cutlery enterprises, disposable paper lunch boxes to curb the proliferation of disposable foam plastic tableware should be taken to strengthen management and relative support and other measures.
1, as soon as possible to develop restrictions on disposable non-Plastic Cutlery production, sales and use of the laws and regulations, or in the "Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Law" to increase the relevant content, a unified standard, clear penalties for law enforcement agencies to provide strong operability The legal basis.
2, to increase the plastic Cutlery market law enforcement inspection efforts to ban, close the substandard production enterprises, blocking the supply of inferior products, standardize the market, Plastic Cutlery to provide market space.
3, to develop practical protective measures to support and protect the Plastic Cutlery business. For example, for the plastic Cutlery production enterprises to reduce taxes and fees, etc., to ensure its healthy survival and development.
4, to strengthen the plastic Cutlery scientific research, reduce costs, improve quality and enhance product competitiveness. The news media regularly publish qualified Plastic Cutlery business and product catalogs to increase the visibility of the Plastic Cutlery business, expose counterfeit products and manufacturing companies, and enhance the concept of consumer science consumption
Poor plastic Cutlery because of the low price, a few cents can buy one, so by some small hotel welcome. For example, in the production of inferior lunch boxes, generally add a large number of industrial grade calcium carbonate, talc, paraffin and other toxic and harmful materials, the user poses a direct threat to health.
Fake plastic Cutlery hand touch soft, gently tear on the rupture, a smell of pungent and choking eyes, heat deformation easy to leak; fake pulp lunch box with poor strength, deep color, there is a serious osmotic seepage phenomenon; Box is no name, no trademark, no production date; counterfeit lunch box is more qualified products, shredded in the water easily sink (the proportion of qualified products is less than 1, will not sink); cheap, generally 0.10 yuan The following, while the real price of environmental protection lunch box above 0.13 yuan.
Plastic Cutlery Taibai need to be vigilant
Many people eat out when they think Plastic Cutlery is hygienic and safe. But some small workshops in order to reduce costs, the use of low-quality timber. To give chopsticks "whitening", some lawless elements will use sulfur fumigation bleaching. With this chopstick meal, the residual sulfur dioxide to enter the body.
How to prevent "poisoning"? Get Plastic Cutlery, depends on whether the packaging printed on the manufacturer's name, trademark and contact; those color white plastic Cutlery is not credible; you can smell the smell of chopsticks, if there is sour sulfur , It is best not to use. Do not eat chopsticks for a long time in the hot soup or hot porridge, because it will accelerate the decomposition of sulfur dioxide. You can use cold water to clean the chopsticks surface, reduce the residual sulfur dioxide.
Color pipette fancy may not be safe
Drink when the drink should pay attention to, a lot of straw are made of waste plastic, the liver, kidney damage.
Some unscrupulous businessmen in order to cover the use of waste plastic straw produced by the variegated, will give the straw dyeing, the more bright colors, the greater the security risks. Experts advise, Plastic Cutlery color straw is best not to use. Its raw materials do not rule out the use of industrial plastics, and even the possibility of waste plastics recycling. Identification of the problem piping can follow three steps: first request to see the production of packaging bags on the information, production date, Plastic Cutlery shelf life, production license and number (QS logo). And then distinguish the color, as much as possible to buy colorful, deep color to pay special attention. Finally, in the straw before the drink is not heard before the smell of pungent odor, if any smell, indicating that the problem is definitely straw.

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